Development of surface treatments

Development of surface treatments2019-11-28T09:16:41+00:00

Aim of the development center

  • corrosion resistance measurement, salt chamber

  • spectrophotometry

  • surface tension measurement

  • grid tests of surface treatments

  • detection of fatty particles

  • microscopic material analysis

  • turbidimetry, colorimetry etc.

Development of cataphoric and powder coating, improving the quality of paint adhesion, surface pretreatment, solutions to minimize color and energy consumption, both for our own products and for products developed and manufactured for customers in the automotive, aerospace, electrical and other industries.

Fully equipped laboratory for complex measurement and evaluation of coatings.

Main activities of the development center

  • targeted development activities in the field of coatings and finishes in the automotive and aerospace industries
  • experimental and theoretical work carried out with the aim of gaining new knowledge aimed at use in new technologies or services, main focus on the development in the field of energy savings in the field of industrial coating and minimization of consumption
  • production of functional samples or prototypes of the product or its part and subsequent measurement according to the required assignment
  • laboratory and measuring activities, professional evaluation of coatings
  • design or construction work, calculations or design of technologies used for product development